Public Wishlists

At DailyLatex we want to make a difference when it comes to showcasing latex to everyone and breaking the myth that latex is only for fetishists. Latex is an amazing material that highlights the figure and provides completely different sensations to other types of clothing.

We want to help latex content creators by providing a secure way for their followers and supporters to gift latex items with an easy solution to share their latex wishlists while keeping their personal details private. Having a DailyLatex wishlist is completely free and always will be.

If you are a content creator and want to add a latex wishlist to your social media profiles or website, send your request at If you know of a content creator and think they would benefit or receive support from having a latex wishlist, let us know and we will send them a private invitation.

The wishlist is kept within our website and you will be given your unique link. We store your shipping details privately and when anyone buys from your wishlist we will inmediately fulfill the order and ship it to your door. You will be notified along the way unless the buyer wants to sourprise you and specifies otherwise. Your wishlist is monitorized by us and we will automatically delete purchased items and avoid duplication orders.

If you want to add a customly designed item to your wishlist, we will do our best to accomodate it.

All the items in your latex wishlist will have their details. Below is a sample of how our wishlists look like (in case you haven’t encountered one yet) when containing just one item. Multiple items would be displayed below. The picture shown will always be the prodduct image, however all your customizations will be shown as you want them.

[YourName] Latex Wishlist

Primary color: White. Secondary Color: Natural.

Size: Made to measure

Extras: Back Zipper

Price: 159€