How To Order From a Wishlist

Information Needed to Fulfil an Order

In order to fulfill an order from a wishlist, all we need is the username of the wishlist and the item (or items) you want to purchase from it. We already have all the personal information to ship the order. Shipping and taxes will be calculated and added to the payment invoice. Mention if you would like your gift to be from a secret supporter or if you would like to give a message. All those personal details can be customized upon request.

>>  Please send the wishlist name and items by email to Dailylatex at

Payment and Shipping

You will receive the invoice in your email only after your order is completely clear and double checked. The invoice will include the detailed shipping and taxes as well as estimated production time. You will be able to pay via Paypal, devit card or credit card. The production will begin after payment to avoid further delays. Your order is shipped as soon as it’s finished and you will receive a notification email with the shipping details.

The Importance of Communication

If any questions occur you can ask us anything you may like. We will only be able to fulfil your desires if we know them. Please take your time to double check all the information you send us. The production of your order might take a few days but will always be as quickly as possible. If you want to consult the current progress of your order, please contact us providing your order ID for fast reference. You will also receive updated messages regarding the progress of your order.

Changes to Wishlist Items

As a supporter you are the one making the order and might be tempted to alter the items (color or extras) the user has added to his/her wishlist. We strongly advise against that, since they have probably put a lot of thought when creating their own wishlist. Since we might be out of stock on some options, we suggest you contact the user directly via their social media showing your interest to buy something for them.They will surely be more than happy to add another item which satisfies both of you. If for any reason you can not contact, we will try to do so on your behaf.