Write down all your measurements by following the instructions below for each number. All measurements in CM and double check they are your real mesurements. We already take into consideration the stretch of the latex fabric, so if you put in a smaller measure the item might be too tight.

We will need your measurements with your order. If the same order includes more than one person, please specify so in the order and include all the measurements for each individual. When sending the measurements, specify who those measures belong to and just add the number followed by the measurement and a separator. Example: 1: 23cm / 2: 26cm / 3: 42cm … and so on. Please double check the measurements before confirming the order.

We will then save your measurements along with each account and name so they just need to be submitted on the first order. We are creating a system to make this process a whole lot simpler and easy, we appreciate your patience.


1- SOULDER SIZE  Measure from the base of the neck to the shoulder base.

2- BREAST HEIGHT  From the base of the neck to the nipple.

3- ARM LENGTH TO WRIST  From the shoulder edge to the wrist.

4- ARM LENGHT TO TIP OF HAND  From the edge of the shoulder to the tip of the middle finger.

5- FULL TORSO  Measure the complete circle from the shoulder top down to the bottom of the crotch and circle back to the same point of the shoulder.

6- YOUR HEIGHT  Measure your linear height.

7- LENGHT FROM FOOT BASE TO WAIST  Measure on the leg outer side from waist to your heel base.

8- STEP MEASURED TO BASE  From crotch to the heel base, from the inside.

9- STEP MEASURED BY ANKLE  Measured from the inside, from crotch to ankle.

10- HEAD SIZE  Measure the circumference of your head.

11- NECK SIZE  The curcumference of the middle part of your neck.

12- BUST SIZE   The circumference of the chest, the widest part.

13- UNDER BREAST  The circumference under breasts.

14- WAIST SIZE  Circumference at the narrowest point of the waist.

15- HIPS SIZE  Circle around the hipbone, the widest part around the butt.

16- THIGH SIZE  The circumference at the top of the leg.

17- KNEE SIZE  The circumference of the leg around your knee.

18- CALF SIZE  Circumference around your calf, the widest point.

19- ANKLE SIZE  The circumference in the narrowest area of the ankle.

20- FOOT LENGHT  Measure from heel to end of great toe.

21- UPPER ARM SIZE  Arm circumference around the biggest part of the bicep.

22- ELBOW SIZE  The cincumference around the elbow.

23- WRIST SIZE  The circumference around your wrist.

24- PALM SIZE  The circumference of the hand without the thumb.